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Storytelling at Tenby International School

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you the amazing success of our first event of the year, a storytelling event at Tenby International School. We were blown away by the enthusiasm and energy of the 500 students from kindergarten to year 3 who attended the event!

Our very own Abyan read the adorable story of Teega and Teebo, the cute Malayan tigers, in "No Roar Day". The children were absolutely captivated by the story, and we're sure that they're now more aware of the importance of protecting our wildlife animals.

We also had the pleasure of showing our Public Service Announcement (PSA) short film about the usage of balloons and their negative impact on our planet's animals. The students were amazed to learn about this critical issue, and we're confident that they'll now be more conscious of the environmental impact of their actions.

It's incredibly rewarding to spread the message of environmental conservation and sustainability to our future leaders. We're so grateful to the school and the students for their warm welcome and enthusiasm for our cause. We truly believe that small actions can make a big difference, and these students are now empowered to be part of the solution.

We can't wait to host more events like this, where we can educate and inspire young minds to take action and protect our planet for generations to come.

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