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Let's Try Something New (Softcover)

Let's Try Something New (Softcover)

SKU: 9789671512333

“Let’s Try Something New” is a story about a young Sumatran Rhinoceros named Ronda that does not like to try new things but finds herself on an adventure that seems scary at first but turns out be a splendid day out. She learns that trying new things requires courage and realises that new experiences can be fun too. The book encourages the children to try out new things and come out from their comfort zone, it also educates children on the current plight of the Sumatran Rhinoceros which is now enlisted as extinct in Malaysia.


RM 1 from the purchase price will be donated to Animal conservation awareness


ISBN: 978-967-15123-3-3

Published Date: 2019 (2nd edition)
Size: 22cm x 22cm

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