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It's finally here!

No Roar Day took us longer than expected to write due to the pandemic. We reached out to RIMAU NGO (Tiger Protection Society of Malaysia) to help us understand more about the Malayan tigers.

The tiger is so important to our ecosystem. When you save one tiger, it saves all the other animals under the food chain. This apex predator needs a lot of forest space to roam and live. It’s survival ensures the natural balance in the forest. The Malayan tiger is critically endangered with less than 200 of them left in Malaysia. For every book sold, we will be supporting the rangers on the ground who are working tirelessly to remove snares and stop poachers from hunting these beautiful creatures.

No Roar Day tells a story about Teega the little tiger loves to ROARRRR! One day his brother Teebo told him that Teega's Roar was too loud. Feeling upset, Teega then declared that it was a NO ROAR DAY! A tiger that doesn't roar? With the help of his new chirpy friend, Teega learnt how to use his voice and formed an unexpected friendship along the way...

Abyan with Lara Ariffin, President of Rimau NGO

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